Adorable Savannah cats and kittens at special reduced prices for very loving, forever homes.

We need to update our photos (we’re trying to hurry!). Some can be seen on Facebook here. For most convenient viewing of our available cats, click on the Photos tab, then click on Albums. You can select the album for any cat you wish to view. Thumbnail images will appear. You can click for full sized images and view them. Text information is included in the album heading, and more accompanying each photo. You can view the photos sequentially by clicking the left or right sides, where arrows will appear.

These Savannah cats are available as pets at discounted prices for various reasons. Examples: they may be retired former breeders, studs we were hopeful for who didn’t turn out to be fertile, kittens who did not get sold while they were small for one reason or another, lovely potential breeders we kept before we decided to reduce some numbers, or Savannahs who were returned to us because their former families couldn’t keep them.

We love all of them, and will be doing careful screening to make sure they are good matches for their prospective new families. We want everyone to be happy!

Each of these wonderful Savannah cats comes with a written contract. Please enjoy the photos and descriptions, and contact us if you have any questions.

Adult Cats

About adopting an adult Savannah from Jua Ini Savannahs:

We prefer not to ship our cats, and for adult kitties we prefer homes that are not very far away (close enough to drive). It is important to us that they be a great match with their new families. We know our adult cats have already bonded emotionally with our household people and pets, and developed habits based on their lifestyle here. They have deep feelings, and being uprooted should be minimized, and done with patience and care.

So we will be very careful rehoming our adults. That means that in some cases, after conversations and reading a filled-out questionnaire, even a wonderfully caring person or family, perfectly suited to owning a Savannah, may not be chosen for one of our adults. Sometimes we may suggest another cat or kitten (of ours, or from another reputable breeder) as being a better match.

The long term happiness of our cats, kittens and clients is very important to us. So we welcome your questions, and we provide a Pre-Adoption Questionnaire for all prospective clients to fill out. It is very helpful for knowing how to prepare for a new Savannah, and it helps us to know what cat or kitten might be most suited to your desires and lifestyle, and any areas of information we should provide for you.

To correspond, ask questions, and tell us about what you are looking for, please contact us.

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