Cat Health

The Truth about Pet Food – Susan Thixton
Dr. Karen Becker – Mercola Healthy Pets
Pets & Pesticides
Mycotoxins in Pet Food: Worldwide Prevalence & Prevention
Why Not To Declaw Your Cat

Cat care/socialization
Trimming your cat’s claws
Walking – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
The Cat Coach, LLC(R) – Marilyn Krieger – Certified Cat Behavior Consultant
Clicker training (link coming soon)
Cat Supplies
Revival Animal Health
Spay & Neuter Info
American College of Theriogenologists-Basis for Opposition to Canine & Feline Mandatory Spay-Neuter ACT (The Certifying College for Veterinary Reproduction Specialists) facts & positions on spaying-neutering cats & dogs
Society for Theriogenology Veterinarians dedicated to animal reproduction
Cat Safety
Article: What To Do If Your Cat Gets Lost
Search & Rescue for Lost Pets: Missing Pet Partnership
Pet Detective, Author, Speaker: Kat Albrecht
Lost Pet Consultants: Pet Search And Rescue
Lost Pet Resources: Lost Pet Research & Recovery
Lost Cats & Coyotes: Coyote Behavior in Urban/Suburban Areas & Assessing Risk to Cats
Lost Dog Help (good for cats, too): How To Find A Lost Dog
CA Government Office of Emergency Services: Emergency Pet Care Plan
Emergency Pet Evacuation Guide: Evacuate My Pet
Police Training-Dog Encounter Task Force: SD Animals Worthy Of Life

Are Savannahs legal in your locale?

Savannah, & other hybrid pet ownership laws: Hybrid Law

Hybrids, Servals and Exotics Info

A Video About the African Serval


Jua Ini on MySpace


Cat Organizations & Info

Protecting the rights of pet owners and animal lovers

Monthly National Legislation Report

Plants Poisonous to Cats (and links re: other toxins)

Nontoxic Plants

Cat Food

Cat Enclosures and Furnishings

Purrfect Fence

Ikea Hacker



Class Act Productions





Jua Ini Yahoo Group



World Well-Being

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