The long term happiness of our cats, kittens and clients is very important to us. So we welcome your questions. And we provide a Pre-Adoption Questionnaire for all prospective clients to fill out. It is very helpful for knowing how to prepare for a new Savannah, and it helps us to know what cat or kitten might be most suited to your desires and lifestyle, and any areas of information we should provide for you.

Here are some frequently asked questions, and answers.

How are your kittens raised?
Our kittens are raised in our home, on our laps, racing around our feet (we walk with a shuffle), and playing with our dog.

How do Savannahs get along with other cats? And dogs?
Savannahs usually do very well with other lively cats and/or friendly dogs as pals. We highly recommend having more than one cat, or having a dog to be a companion and playmate for your Savannah. We also offer good discounts when a buyer gets two or more kittens or cats from us.

How long have you been breeding Savannahs?
We started our Savannah breeding program in early 2005.

Where are you located?
We are in southern California, very close to San Diego.

We’re in the neighborhood. Can we come over and visit your Savannahs?
We generally maintain a closed cattery, for the health and safety of our kittens and cats. But for serious buyers, when we get to know people pretty well through correspondence (our Questionnaire, etc.) we can arrange for a visit.

When can I pick up the kitten I have selected?
Our kittens are usually ready to go to their new homes when they are around 12 weeks old. In some cases, such as if they have to travel a long distance for many hours, to protect their health we may wait until they are 16 weeks old.

What is the procedure for selecting a Savannah?
We share info and post photos of our kittens as they develop, and our adult Savannahs as they become available. Some people arrange to come visit to pick out a kitten or cat. Others make their selection from the photos and info we provide, then arrange a date and time for pick-up or delivery of their Savannah.

How do I reserve the Savannah I chose, so it won’t be sold while I am waiting?
We provide a written contract for you to sign and return, along with a 50% nonrefundable holding fee. When we have received your signed contract, and your holding fee has cleared our bank, the kitten or cat you chose is reserved for you.

How is the purchase completed?
We arrange a date and time for pick-up or delivery of your new Savannah. After we exchange signed copies of the contract, and payment in full has been received and cleared our bank, the kitten or cat you chose is yours to bring home.

Do you ship within the USA?
We prefer not to ship our kittens or cats (for their health and safety). When air travel is necessary, we encourage buyers to fly in and pick up their kittens or cats, and bring them home in a carry-on in the passenger section. Sometimes we can arrange to deliver. We try to keep our prices low enough to make traveling to pick up your Savannah feasible.

Exporting – Do you ship internationally?
We aren’t set up to export Savannahs out of the US at this time.

To correspond, ask questions, and tell us about what you are looking for, please contact us.

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