Available Savannah Cats


We are southern California based animal lovers who dream of Africa. We USED TO have a small, home-based cattery specializing in Savannah cats. We have phased out of breeding, but still have some very sweet and beautiful, spayed and neutered adult Savannahs available for adoption at very reasonable prices.
We offer a discount if you get more than one Savannah to keep. (Not for resale)

We choose to share our lives with Savannahs because of their unique intelligence, their exquisite beauty, and the lively rapport we experience with them.

All our cats are loved members of our family. As kittens they were all raised bouncing around underfoot in our home (we always walk with a shuffle around kittens), and cuddled and played with daily.

Please see videos, photo albums & details by visiting our Facebook Page. Please message us there for more information.

At this time we have very beautiful adult F3 through F6 Savannahs available. Please enjoy our photos, and contact us if you have any questions.

The long term happiness of our Savannahs and their new families is very important to us. So we welcome your questions, and we provide a Pre-Adoption Questionnaire for all prospective adopters to fill out. It is very helpful for knowing how to prepare for a new Savannah, and it helps us to know which ones might be most suited to your desires and lifestyle, and any areas of information we should provide for you.

Photos and Info:
If you would like to see photos and be notified when we have Savannahs available, please visit the Jua Ini Savannahs Facebook Page.
Once you are on our Facebook Page, for most convenient viewing of our Savannahs, click on the Photos tab, then click on Albums. You can select the album(s) for any kittens or cats you wish to view. Thumbnail images will appear. You can click for full sized images and view them sequentially.
If we have NEW available Savannahs, they will be in the first albums following the “Thanks & Raves from Clients” album.
To view our FORMER kittens, see the albums intermingled with the queen’s and stud’s albums (we try to organize them better, but Facebook seems to have a glitch when it comes to moving older photo albums, We’ll keep trying.). You’ll see our F2s, our F3s, our F4s and our F5s. Enjoy!
You can also click Like on the Page, and then check “Receive Notifications”, and you will see updates in your Facebook NewsFeed.

Our Savannah cats come with a written contract.
We proudly register our Savannahs with TICA (The International Cat Association).

To correspond, ask questions, and tell us about what you are looking for, please contact us.

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